Her mission is to...


– help make other mothers`s lives easier when it comes to baby sleep than it was for her. Whereas the journey leading to the goal is just as important as moving toward the goal, i.e. that this journey is logical and in line with the mother`s instincts. 

– help reach the knowledge of the field of sleep to medical professionals, so that they can notice the role of sleep in the development of various diseases. 

Anette is a dentist, author, educator, lecturer, sleep consultant, wife and mother of two little boys. She has written the book “7 Steps to Baby`s Better Sleep: Befriend the Microbiome and the Circadian Rhythm”, which received a lot of positive feedback and has helped OVER A THOUSAND FAMILIES in Estonia alone to get better sleep.

She has talked about sleep and the microbiome in several podcasts, written articles for magazines, conducted sleep seminars for companies, general practitoners and midwives, was the supervisor the Nutrition Therapy thesis at the Academy of Public Health and gave lectures at the National Hospital maternity ward on topic of babies` sleep, digestion and needs.

She has worked closely with more than 50 FAMILIES who have obtained very good results in the field of sleep with an individual approach.


  • University of Tartu, Facult of Medicine, Dental Science cum laude (5 years of study, including anatomy, physiology, biology, immunology, human physiology, medical biochemistry, medical microbiology, pathophysiology, pathological anatomy, internal diseases with infectious diseases, ear-nose-throat diseases, neurology, psychiatry and childhood diseases.) 
  • Electives and additional subjects: speech therapy, breastfeeding, research methods in psychology, development psychology, personality psychology, neuropsychology etc.
  • International Parenting and Health Instituudis (USA) as the first estonian, she currently acquires sleep counselor certificates for pregnant women, babies, children, adolescents and adults in the following specialities:  
  • Pregnancy, Baby and Child Sleep Consultant Certification 
  • Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Certification

My principles

“How did mothers handle their babies 10 000 years ago? Why is it only in the western world that people need sleep counselors, do baby sleep training and take courses in order to improve their children`s sleep? What are we doing wrong?  

I help mothers find their primal maternal instincts and understand that our expectations of babies exceed their biological capabilities. In addition, I will show what in our lifestyle leads to bad sleep in babies. By changing oneselg and one`s own lifestyle, the child`s sleep improves by itself to the limit of what is developmentally possible.”

People Mom Shaming Woman with Baby in her Arms Vector Illustration. New mother upset about being finger pointed by society

Good sleep does not require training the child to sleep alone, teaching him to combine sleep cycles or falling asleep independently. 

You don`t have to let your baby cry it out for a good night`s sleep. You don`t even need him to protest.

I consider the mother`s own time and time for the relationship very important. Knowledge of how to get a child to fall asleep quickly and to get a child to sleep safely during the day without physical contact is helpful here. 

If breastfeeding is possible, then I support your breastfeeding journey. I help to find the reasons why breastfeeding is not going well or the child`s weight is not gaining as much as it should. If you`ve chosen formula for whatever reason, I fully support you. 

I support a child`s typical brain development. Having read a lot about the sleep of children with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it is possible to take steps in the field of microbiome and circadian rhythms during infancy and the first years of life, which help promote brain development in a more typical direction (doesn`t negate changes during pregnancy, but helps create new patterns in the brain). 

I help prevent the development of depression in the mother. It`s not that “think positive”, it`s specific, science-based ways to influence a mother`s brain chemistry to prevent and reduce symptoms of depression.

I focus on finding the root cause of sleep problems.

Time for action!

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